London, 1850: After being abandoned as a child at age seven, John Wolcott grows up hardened by life’s challenges. He applies his considerable talent and becomes a shipping tycoon feared alike by the business world and pirates on the high seas. He chooses a wife who will further elevate him into England’s financial elite. He has a daughter Louisa and arranges to marry her in a scheme to take over a railroad-car empire. Louisa thinks otherwise and hatches a counterplot. Wolcott is in for a reckoning with his soul that would do justice to Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, without the ghosts.

Kirkus Reviews: “In Kennedy’s debut novel, a shipping magnate and his daughter grapple with an age-old question-what’s more important: wealth or love? … Overall it’s a quick-paced, action-packed read … Business schemes and on-again-off-again romances will keep readers going as long as they can overlook a few unpleasant characters.”

Carol Silvis, M.Ed., Pennwriters president (2016): “With its quick pace and nonstop action, The Arrangement is sure to please fans of historical romance and personal growth stories. The twists and turns, business ploys, and complicated romance threads lead readers to a satisfying conclusion and will keep them turning the pages in earnest. Indeed, love prevails.”