Having spent the majority of her life working for a major communications company without the benefit of expressing her own incredible artistic talents, she found through an astonishing “vision” the real passion that blossomed into the intrinsic and talented artist that she has become today. Her many major accomplishments include:

Writing seven novels:
Winthrope – Tragedy to Triumph
Bobbin’s Journal – Waif to Wealth
Poppy – The Stolen Family
The Spinster – Worth the Wait
Sophie & Juliet – Rags to Royalty
The Arrangement – Love Prevails
Holybourne – The Magic of a Child

• A Novel Victorian Cookbook is just another ingenious display of Carol’s talent. She used the recipes from the characters in her seven novels to voice what their favorite meals were—written in novel form with narrative and dialogue, plus Bios of famous chefs of the day.

• Carol has created over 70 Baltic-Birch slipcases to house her collection of the seven novels. Each slipcase is hand-painted by Carol with a one-of-a-kind Victorian scene. Slipcases come with a certificate of authenticity, are cataloged, and numbered. Now available, in limited quantities.
• Carol’s desire to continue with “vision” has now branched out to painting on canvas and board. Her paintings reflect the era of Monet, VanGogh, Henri & Marie Duhem, Lecomte, amongst others. Her collection comes with a certificate of authenticity, cataloged, and numbered. Collectors are scooping these delightful paintings up.