CAROL’S Astonishing“Vision”

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” says Carol as she relates the astonishing vision that came to her in 1994 on vacation in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Browsing through a boutique, she overheard a lovely piece of music: Algonquin Trails (by Hennie Bekker). Immediately she saw a vision of a very distraught Victorian-era lady moving from room to room in a huge 1850s mansion. Carol purchased the tape and every time she heard that particular song the same vision came to her. Now being haunted by this music and the sobbing woman and not knowing what happened to her, Carol sat down at her computer (while listening to the music) and began typing. Voila! 360 pages later her first full-blown novel, Winthrope! The other six came very quickly after that. Carol’s story is fascinating and she enjoys sharing with an audience on how this music moved her to be creative with her writing, painting, and speaking engagements

Hear Carol talk about the music that inspired her to write her Victorian Novels.