Welcome to my life's work: a collection of seven historical novels. Six are set in mid-Victorian England and one, Sophie & Juliet, is set in the Georgian era. If you love the classic literature of Bronte and Austen then you will certainly enjoy these. My novels accurately reflect the morals and manners of the day. They are clean, wholesome and heartwarming. Please click on the book covers below to read descriptions, first chapters, and links to purchase.
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Kirkus Reviews

Kennedy's novel [Sophie & Juliet] offers an appealing mix of romance and mystery, bolstered by strong character development and unexpected plot twists. The fast-paced narrative includes a large cast of fictional and historical characters. Grayton and the Whitmores are strong leads whose friendship endures despite their keen awareness of their society's class structure. Kennedy deftly and sensitively explores the culture's expectations for both families. Her inclusion of King George III and his wife is clever and occasionally playful, and a brief prologue offers additional historical insight and context. The romances ... are poignant, and Kennedy skillfully ties these relationships to a mystery that involves a friendship with the king. An entertaining historical novel with just the right amount of romance and mystery.

Joan Johnson

Carol Kennedy has a magic wand that waves away the mundane and worrisome times in which we live and puts us squarely in the world of the Victorian era. Her prodigious work, seven books already and another on the way, brings back the world of Dickens, The Bronte sisters, and even Flaubert with authentic language, settings and details of life in an era before the crust of technology covered society, a time when hardship and happiness were clearly defined as central to life without distractions. The narrator of Holybourne is at first a precocious girl of eleven, born into sadness who speaks in a clear voice of her progress to the age of eighteen. The circumstances of her life make for an absorbing adventure with some dramatic surprises worthy of the best writers today. Holybourne joins the few classic tales of a girl's progress from childhood to womanhood written with an authentic voice by an authentic author. I am grateful to writers who can spin a yarn that is full of warm-throated goodness that overcomes adversity. Kennedy is a prolific writer with a teeming imagination, a writer to be cherished for her gifts. I am grateful to have found this series of novels and hope there are many more to come.

Denise Kuster

I loved Holybourne. Didn’t want to put it down. I’m British, and the language was true and accurate. Light reading. So enjoyed it.


Carol Kennedy's writing style and her interesting characters in their exciting and unexpected experiences have encouraged me to buy all of her Victorian novels. This is the third one I have read of her current seven books. Finishing one I am eager and glad to have another at hand.
Norma Saken

I didn’t know I was interested in the Victorian Era until I started reading Carol Kennedy’s novels. Her attention to every detail of this time-period is remarkable for someone born in 20th Century America. Her prose is beautifully written and descriptions are so accurate it’s as though she’s travelled through a time machine to write her novels. She brings together the lives of both the privileged with those less fortunate in a way to elicit understanding as well as sympathy for both ends of the social spectrum. There are even two novels (Bobbin’s Journal and Holybourne) I felt were appropriate reads for my 12-year-old granddaughter. Through reading these books, she has grasped not only this very rich period of history but gained an understanding of life long before today’s technology.

Helen Richardson

The story just flew. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of your books. It was a very nice touch to identify the authors of the various quotes and poems that characters used. Frankly, very impressive.

Ricki Adams

Just a note to let you know that I so enjoyed the book and can hardly wait to read the one my daughter purchased. I finished it in a day. Just couldn’t put it down.

Jan Peterson

My only criticism is that the books ended too soon, and there weren’t enough of them. ... full of ripe fruit, with leads for plays, movies, and TV series.

Jeanine Paquette

At lunch, Penny showed me Sophie and Juliet which we both just finished. She said she “wanted more,” she wanted the story expanded. Nice. I’m into Poppy now and am loving it. My neighbour Jan read Winthrope, and I am lending her some of your other books. Mary Sue called this a.m., and we talked for an hour. She also loved Winthrope and has drafted a review which she says is too windy so she will work on it and post it.

Beverly Glenn

Carol Kennedy is a truly gifted author. She has a way of getting me into the characters hearts. The sweet nature of Bobbin affected everyone around her no matter their status. The social, economic diversity of 1850 was well described. Carol has a great knowledge of British history. I would highly recommend this book.


Carol Jeanne Kennedy captured in this book the British essence of the Eighteen century with the language and the phrases the characters used. The innocence and the heart of the main character, Miss Anne Holt, captivated me. She made me laugh with her sense of humor and the swing of her emotions. Her good nature enthralled me throughout the whole story. I would certainly recommend this book.
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